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Work on getting stronger both as a toon and a guild. Actively recruit members when you have the chance, and try and offer event runs with guild members first.

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Vent set up

LadyKahlron, Aug 6, 10 9:35 PM.
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Vent Set Up

LadyKahlron, Aug 6, 10 9:34 PM.


LadyKahlron, Jul 18, 10 12:02 AM.
as some of you know or do not know the calender is not working for events. I must pay to have a higher membership to get full access to this feature, but it just currently out of my price range. When you are ready to do events please just annouce it in guild and give a  few moments for people to reply.

Thank you


LadyKahlron, Jun 17, 10 7:43 AM.
In an effort to bring about more guild only events and instances I have paid to set up the guild with a vent account. Please remember that this is for guild members only and do not give out our information to other players just because you are doing a run with them.

I would love to see on a thread with replies regarding when they are normally on. I enjoy doing events will all different people, that is how a lot of you go added to the guild, but I always want to make ever effort to run guild events to better our members. Knowing when each of you is on will help us reach that goal.

THank you

June 12, 2010

LadyKahlron, Jun 12, 10 11:07 AM.
Snow and I are at the beach enjoy and little R&R with the family, but that doesn't mean we are ever far away. With labtop in hand we are keeping our eyes open for those in need on the hollowichigo account.

Remember we have big need of guild contstruction quests and that weekends we get double points, please get out there and do all five each day so we have the contruction points needed to but our hp/mp buff.
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